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“We’re changing what people think hair shows are,” says KMS California National Technical Trainer Simon Miller. “…We want to do hair that makes you want to do hair right now.”

Simon also says KMS California is changing the game in terms of education.

“KMS is all about touching stylists on every single point of their hairstylist journey,” he says. “From the day they start beauty school to the day they retire, we want to be there along the whole path. We don’t only want to make people better hairdressers, we want to make them more money and build their business.”

Of course, Simon is also enthusiastic about the products themselves. He told us his go-to products in the KMS California line include HairStay Style Boost for adding texture to the hair (and he tells us its great for fine hair too), HairPlay Dry Wax and the HairStay Dry Xtreme Hairspray:

“It sets the hair, but the nice thing is that its super dry, so it won’t revert any curl you’ve pulled out.,” he says. “As soon as you use it, it sets, it doesn’t get overly sticky, and it completely finishes the look.”

So with a revitalized look and mission, what’s next for KMS California?

“We’re going to bring our industry to the next level,” Simon says. “I think we’re going to take the industry by storm. “

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